We (MRM PROPERTIES) provide quality plastering services for our clients. With the help of our experienced employees we make easy to build your home, office, kitchen etc. constantly maintaining quality work. We ensure quick effective designs according to our client needs. With the help of our expert employees and designers we make it possible to establish your work and designs as per the time frame given by our client.



We discover kitchen as per the client needs with very effective and attractive designs. We have expert designers to help you creating new and trending designs for your kitchen. We are flexible to make any kind of design as our client wants. Our experts are always ready to give a sensational look of your kitchen with their expert suggestions. We adopt all new technologies and a lot of sample designs for your kitchen.





We provide carpentry services for your home, office etc. We make it easy for you to give a mesmerize design to your dream home/office with a pure craftsmanship with the help of our expert carpenters. We are very much passionate to bring a delightful living experience for our clients. Our carpenters have expertise to give a modern design to your home/office or make a design as per your need. We ensure quality woods for every small and large order by the clients for a better and healthy living.



Our service delivery in the bathroom segment is done with perfection. We provide new and effective designs as per the client needs. A range of designs we provide for the help of our clients to create a bathroom as per their desire and our experts provides ideas of the client choice. We design a suitable bathroom of your choice in your budget and provide all the variety of materials needed for discovering a unique design of your bathroom. We suggest our clients with a lot of designs and models for a dazzling look of the bathroom.



We deliver electrical installation services with the help of our qualified electricians. We provide highly reliable and technologically sound services to ensure safe living of our clients. We offer services for all small and large size houses, offices, commercial buildings etc. The employees of our electrical installation team are well dedicated towards their work and very good at performing according to the clients requirement and satisfaction.



We offer decoration services for all small and big houses and offices. We have collection of decoration samples which we can recommend you for your dream home or office or shop. Also our decorators are well experienced in decorating as per the client need and wants. We are very good at decorating your home/office and give a very attractive look as per your budget.  Our experts have well knowledge about the themes, color combinations, space management which helps to create an effective decoration as you want.



We are engaged in plumbing with a well experienced team of plumbers. We provide excellent services in a low cost or as per the budget of our clients. Our plumber team uses new and effective technologies for more satisfactory services and better living experience of our clients.








If you want to extend your home or add some new design or add kitchen etc then you do not have to worry. We provide complete solution of extension of your home or office. Our experts are best at giving your house or office a new look and best effort and perfection to change the existing designs. We provide modern design and ideas to our clients and plans create space in as per their needs.



If you are looking for conversion or alteration of your house or office, let us know. We deliver expertise works with the help of our knowledgeable and experienced employees as per our clients. We offer conversion and alteration services for all type of small and large size houses or offices. Our expert employees are very effective at conversion and alteration in a short time period and we provide these services in a reasonable price.

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About Us

MRM Property Solutions was founded by Marvin, a fully qualified carpenter with over 10 years experience to provide the services for homeowners who wanted to add more value to their existing homes, and wanted to make it more beautiful and well arranged with meeting all their requirement and expectation to making it an ideal house. The best decoration tool for any house is the hidden happiness of the family members. By renovating your house we will help you to find the happiness in the house. By maintenance of a house you can find the extra space which was required from a long time. It will add up a star and upgrade your living standard.